Rep. Mike Mueller (R-Linden) turned his back on conservative values, selling his soul and flipping to support Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s massive new budget hike on Thursday.

Mueller crossed over and voted in favor of HB4001 when the radical spending proposal, giving Whitmer $9 billion more to work with, was too much for even some Democrat representatives.

The legislation slashes the automatic income tax reduction while sending Michigan “inflation relief” checks of $180, which are in essence Democrat bribe money to buy votes.

The legislation also increased the so-called “Earned Income Tax Credit,” a dubious and costly scheme pushed by Democrats that is rife for abuse, from 6 percent to 30 percent.

The measure was pushed through as quickly as possible to avoid deliberation, but that did not stop Mueller from taking the deal and selling out his constituents in order to ensure passage of the measure:

The legislation will now proceed to the State Senate where that body will need to approve the bill before it can be signed into law by Whitmer.

The Democrat who voted against the measure, Rep. Dylan Wegela (D-Garden City) noted that he was offended by the “corporate handouts” contained in the bill. The legislation was essentially a phony tax relief measure designed to get the public behind an extreme amount of spending to help the special interests that dominate Lansing.

Mueller’s treacherous decision has made him even more of a pariah among his colleagues. And his constituents who were duped into voting for a conservative will not be pleased either.

“Representative Mueller, despite being in a safe R+17 seat, was the deciding vote in passing the Democrats’ massive spending bill today. Mueller’s staffers are already threatening to quit because of his left-wing voting record,” a source close to the legislature told the Grand New Party.

The Grand New Party PAC opposes bipartisanship in Lansing when that bipartisanship hurts the many at the expense of the well-connected few. Shame on Rep. Mike Mueller for turning his back on the people and being a shining example of why people no longer trust Republican leaders to fight for freedom.