The Grand New Party PAC fully supports the stand led by Rep. Matt Gaetz in U.S. Congress, forcing the ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the role of House Speaker. Seeing a move to oust one of the worst RINOs around is a beautiful sight.

McCarthy worked to sabotage principled candidates in the 2022 midterm election cycle, such as J.R. Majewski of Ohio, Anthony Sabatini of Florida, and Joe Kent of Washington state, to focus on protecting his cronies. After pledging to halt endless funding of Ukraine, he reneged on his promise and continued funding the dangerous proxy war against Russia. After pledging to defund the Biden regime’s weaponization of the IRS, he approved a massive $4 trillion debt increase that kept Biden’s domestic army well-funded to threaten and shake down Americans.

It should come as no surprise that McCarthy governed like a Democrat considering where he was receiving his funding. McCarthy’s PAC received at least $2 million from a co-founder of FTX, the crypto money-laundering scam that showered Democrats with campaign contributions during the 2022 midterms, with his allies receiving tens of millions more from former executives in this disgraced organization. Other major 2022 contributors to McCarthy’s Congressional Leadership Fund included The Blackstone Group, Citadel Asset Management, The Charles Schwab Corporation and other globalist corporate raiders who benefit from large deficits and a continuation of the status quo in Washington D.C.

McCarthy’s ouster as House Speaker begs the question: Who will be his replacement? Our suggestion is DONALD J. TRUMP. It is possible to nominate Trump regardless of whether he is a sitting member of Congress. If Congressional Republicans are serious about putting America first and throwing a wrench into the gears of the corrupt machine, Trump is the clear choice for next House Speaker.

But even if the next speaker is not Trump, the precedent has been set for any future leader that they will be ousted, humiliated and their career prospects destroyed if they do not adhere to the Republican platform. The next leader will either be far more conservative and satisfy the America First base or be an outright traitor to the cause working directly with Democrats to enact Biden’s agenda to destroy the country. The Republican establishment has one of two options: toe the line with the new grassroots-driven direction of the Republican Party or expose yourselves and face extinction.

Republicans in the state of Michigan ought to operate with the same boldness. They should not accept failure from their supposed leaders, for example House Minority Leader Matt Hall, who supported gun control in the form of dangerous storage mandates and earned the nomination for “Traitor of the Year” from a prominent 2nd Amendment organization as a result. Our Republican lawmakers must be willing to lead similar revolts against failed leaders such as Hall, rejecting the spin that to do so would help Democrats. What really helps Democrats is supporting Republican leadership that regularly capitulates to their far-left goals and refuses to use their position of authority to fight for conservative values.

The Grand New Party PAC will be doing everything in our power to make sure the illicit power structure in Michigan is exposed and defeated. We released a detailed exposé showing how the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) is funneling money raised by backstabbers who endorsed Joe Biden for President and Gretchen Whitmer for Governor into the coffers of Republican lawmakers and candidates, coming with many strings attached that are designed to prevent our elected officials from satisfying the will of their voters.

But we cannot be successful in our mission to expose and defeat this corrupt structure without your monetary support. Please support us with a recurring donation today, or become a Founding Father of our organization by pledging a 4-figure donation to support our efforts to make Michigan free again and force the Republican Party to be effective in its mandate defending constitutional liberty and defeating leftist tyranny.