Recently, it was announced who is taking over fundraising for the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC), the group tasked with bankrolling Republicans attempting to win back the State House in Lansing.

The announcement was a slap in the face to every Republican voter in the state of Michigan.

The HRCC announced that former Governor Rick Snyder and globalist billionaire Bill Parfet would lead their fundraising team.

Snyder left office one of the least popular governors in the nation because of his perceived mishandling of the Flint water crisis. But he was unpopular with Michigan conservatives long before the Flint water disaster happened under his watch.

Under Snyder’s leadership, Michigan Republicans implemented Obama’s health care takeover, enacted Common Core marxist curriculum, exploded spending, raised the gas tax, gave Detroit a huge bailout, and rolled out the red carpet for China to take over American industry.

This was bad enough, but then he doubled down on his liberal record in 2020 when Snyder rallied Michigan conservatives to vote Joe Biden for President.

“I hope you join me and help others by using Relentless Positive Action to elect Joe Biden as America’s next president,” Snyder said.

Snyder spit in the face of every conservative in Michigan when he endorsed Biden, and blood is on his hands for every despicable act that the Biden regime has perpetrated against the U.S. Constitution.

Snyder’s HRCC cohort, Bill Parfet, took it even a step further. It was not enough to just sabotage Republican chances to save the country from peril – he wanted to doom Republican efforts to take back the state as well.

After Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer initiated brutal lockdowns, shuttered the churches, destroyed thousands of small businesses, psychologically tortured the youth with mask mandates, and murdered the elderly in nursing homes, Parfet joined “Republicans for Whitmer” and supported her re-election last year.

“Among those running for election in November, there exists a group of individuals — some Democrats, some Republicans — that are willing to work together to find a common middle-ground where progress can be made. … The best person to lead that effort is Governor Gretchen Whitmer,” Parfet said.

Snyder and Parfet got their wishes. Democrats emerged “victorious” over Republicans in dubious elections marred with fraud and abnormalities and doomed our state and country to suffer immeasurably as a result of their actions.

Now we’re expected to believe that Snyder and Parfet are going to fundraise with the HRCC to make Republicans win?!?!?

How dumb does the RINO establishment of Michigan think we are?

… The average Republican voter is getting flagrantly disrespected. The RINO establishment would rather lose elections than actually put America first and support strong candidates who will abide by the Constitution and fight government corruption when elected.

When you look at who funds the HRCC and the history of their operation, it becomes clear how their organization deliberately subverts the will of conservatives and pushes Republicans into the arms of lobbyists and special interests.


The HRCC presumably exists to fund Republican candidates in state house races to make sure they have the resources to win elections against Democrats. However, the HRCC is really just a slush fund designed to purchase allegiances to the establishment.

Looking at who the HRCC has received donations from and who they doled that money out to paints a grim picture of what they are really all about.

In 2022, the HRCC broke the bank in an attempt to get former Rep. Jack O’Malley re-elected in his Northern Michigan state house seat. They gave an astounding $961,464.05 to O’Malley, nearly double what they gave any other candidate throughout the election year.

O’Malley was a candidate who sprinted to the Left throughout the 2022 midterms. He even lost the endorsement of Right to Life after betraying conservatives on the issue of abortion. O’Malley listened to the lobbyists and consultants, such as those employed by HRCC, who told him that spitting in the face of his core voting base would win him re-election…

Republican voters stayed home, disgusted by his cowardly betrayals. O’Malley and HRCC ultimately surrendered that state house seat to a far-left Democrat who is now voting in lockstep with the Whitmer agenda.

However, the HRCC does not fund only RINO lowlifes like Jack O’Malley. They also strategically fund conservatives to get them across the finish line in contested races.

Ever wonder why the strong conservative you met on the campaign trail who seemed so earnest and understanding of Constitutional principles changed immediately after they were sworn into office?

It is because they are beholden to that money. As the brave and heroic Rep. Jim DeSana explained on our podcast, the RINO establishment holds those dollars over your head after you are elected. Elected officials are made aware – either implicitly or explicitly – that the money will dry up if they stop toeing the line.

This is how good lawmakers are cowed and corralled into serving the evil Uni-part system. The individuals, organizations and entities that fund the HRCC get tremendous return on their investment for what they contribute to this slush fund.

The top contributor to HRCC in the 2022 midterms was former House Speaker Jason Wentworth, who became a registered lobbyist after leaving office, and is now mired in a corruption scandal after giving a $25 million grant to a shady nonprofit created by his former legislative aide with deep ties to a known serial fraudster.

The second biggest contributor to HRCC is House Minority Leader Matt Hall, who steered the organization’s funds in a self-serving and catastrophic manner throughout 2022. After his incompetence was personally responsible for the disastrous midterm results for Republicans, he promptly sold out the 2nd Amendment with a vote for firearm storage mandates that puts families at risk (and got him a well-deserved nomination for “Traitor of the Year” by the National Association for Gun Rights).

Other top contributors of the HRCC include Maria and Doug Devos of the infamous Devos family that has bankrolled the RINO establishment in Michigan for generations. Now-Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt, who is notoriously owned by the Energy Monopoly, is another top HRCC funder. Other ambitious figures, like now-Sen. Thomas Albert, Reps. Andrew Beeler, Luke Meerman and Bryan Posthumus, are also among the largest contributors.

What is revealed by this critical analysis of the HRCC is a money-laundering apparatus that makes it virtually impossible for the Republican Party to adhere to its principles. This is at the heart of the distrust and discord that now permeates through Michigan Republican politics at every level.

And because the figures behind the HRCC are so arrogant, tone-deaf and gilded, the RINOs blame their own constituents for developing righteous anger at the disgusting and debaucherous machine that has doomed Michigan and has us facing Democrat tyranny like we never could have imagined.

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