Disgraced Republican traitor Rick Snyder has been tapped to lead fundraising for the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC), the slush fund that is used to keep conservatives out of the Republican Party.

“Governor Snyder [has] created jobs and helped make our economy competitive, and [he knows] that Michigan needs a House Republican majority to provide checks and balances and refocus our government on the issues that matter to Michigan families,” House Minority Leader Matt Hall said, calling Snyder a “visionary leader” who will bring a “common-sense, positive vision” to the people.

However, in 2020, Snyder spit in the faces of his constituents and worked to rally Republican voters to support Joe Biden. He endorsed Biden for President and called for an end to the America First revival spearheaded by Trump’s rise to power. Snyder’s actions were sadly successful in a disgraceful, embarrassing, third-world style election marred with fraud.

“Donald Trump has actually been leading the charge on incivility. The divisiveness in our nation has not been worse in our lifetimes,” Snyder said, adding that Biden was a “a good, decent man” who would “heal our country.”

Instead of being run out of the Party on a rail for his cowardly actions against our state and our nation, he is being rewarded by the Republican establishment led by Hall. He will bring in Never Trump, globalist money in an attempt to make sure that conservatives are shut out of the legislature as much as possible.

“The fact that Snyder is leading the HRCC’s fundraising operation shows that they have learned nothing from their grave mistakes that cost us so dearly in 2022. The Republican establishment is too arrogant and greedy to do anything but continue whoring themselves out to the special interests and lobbyists who have turned Michigan into America’s corruption capital,” said Shane Trejo, Executive Director for the Grand New Party PAC.

“The blood is on Snyder’s hands for the damage caused by the illegitimate Biden regime. HRCC is showing they have no respect for Republicans by putting a Biden backer in as their lead fundraiser. This is why people hate the Republican Party, and Republican leaders have lost the trust of their voters,” Trejo added.

Due to his handling of the Flint water crisis, Snyder left office as Michigan governor among the most loathed governors in the entire country. His underling, former Attorney General Bill Schuette, would go on to surrender the state to Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, and Snyder’s legacy of abject failure continues to stain Michigan Republican politics.