Multiple state lawmakers have reported that Democrats allowed one of their elected officials into the State Capitol on Thursday, despite the fact that the state representative had tested positive for COVID-19.

In the latest example of grotesque hypocrisy from the Left, Rep. Natalie Price of Berkley was allowed to come into the State Capitol despite being infected and highly contagious for COVID-19 because Democrats wanted to make sure they had every vote possible to push forward their massive spending binge.

“If a Republican were to show up to vote sick with the man-made virus the US government forced taxpayers to fund, it would be all over the mainstream news,” said Grand New Party and Michigan Freedom Caucus Chairman Steve Carra, who serves as a state representative from Three Rivers.

Rep. Angela Rigas of Caledonia, Parliamentarian for the Michigan Freedom Caucus, went on social media to voice her outrage about the entire debacle.

“The Democrats in Michigan are so desperate, foolish and disorganized that they put the lives and health of all of us at risk by allowing Rep. Price to be present for their radical, reckless spending spree votes today,” Rigas said.

“Pretty hypocritical considering less than 3 years ago we were told we would kill people if we walked down the aisle of the grocery store the wrong way or that if our children attended school they would kill their grandparents,” she added.

Fellow Freedom Caucus leader, Rep. Matt Maddock of Milford, similarly expressed his concerns over the Democrat biological hazard on the House floor.

“There is a democrat legislator with COVID inside the Capitol. If this were a republican, I can’t imagine the outrage,” he said.

“Sadly, just enough republicans have caved to the democrats so the 1.3 billion democrat secret spending bill full of pet projects and corporate welfare for their democrat friends will pass later tonight. The bill will have no public hearings either,” Maddock noted.

The disastrous developments in the legislature, with turncoat Republicans taking backroom deals to help legitimize Democrat extremism, can be summarized with these tweets:

Rigas and Maddock are part of the eight lawmakers who voted against the Democrat leadership that ramrodded all of this through. The rest of the Republican lawmakers supported Democrat leadership as the special interests twist their arms to roll over for the far-left agenda that is being rapidly approved without public hearings or consent.

Support the Grand New Party to get behind the strong lawmakers who oppose this Uniparty agenda dominating Lansing politics.