We have been led to believe that Democrats lean towards advocating for big government, big budgets, and big taxes to fund “social programs”, while Republicans support a more conservative stance, emphasizing restrictions on government interference, prudent spending, free market capitalism, and lower taxes.

But we have been deceived. And we have seen just how low the Republicans have sunk after blowing the majority. They are going out of their way to do the bidding of the Democrats on pretty much everything from gun control to corporate welfare to LGBT “civil rights.”

However, no betrayal is as egregious and brazen as support for the historically profligate and cancerously far-left $82 billion Whitmer budget.

On June 27, 2023, 5 despicable Michigan Republican legislators agreed to and submitted a 1600-page state budget plan for 2024, amounting to a staggering $81.7 Billion, to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Among the Republicans that voted yes to the astronomical dollar figure were:

  • Gina Johnsen, R-Lake Odessa
  • Sarah Lightner, R-Springport
  • Mike Mueller, R-Holly
  • Bill Schuette, R-Midland
  • Mark Tisdel, R-Rochester

This new budget will allocate taxpayer dollars to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research, will pay a $218,000 salary for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator (MDOT), fund a $2.9 million affirmative action giveaway to a Minority Farmers’ Fund, and allocate $10 million worth of grants for minority only Small-Business Owners. It also grants $2 million to an Immigrant & Refugee Center, hastening our national demographic decline, as well as give $5.1 million for the Michigan State Capitol Commission to institute a weapons-ban.

To add insult to injury, if passed and signed by the governor, the upcoming budget will allow elementary schools to send your child home for being unvaccinated, veteran facilities will be able to deny unvaccinated veterans the help they need, and busses could potentially require proof of vaccine in order to ride. Why are social policies in a budget plan? And more importantly, why would any Republicans vote yes?

We all know why they would vote “yes.” They took the deal. They sold us out. They received lobbyist favors, promises from special interests, or think they can get a position of authority by playing the game.

One lawmaker who isn’t playing the game is Rep. Neil Friske of the Michigan Freedom Caucus. After making a strong “NO” vote, Rep. Friske issued a press release excoriating the budget and leaving no prisoners.

“It’s bad enough that this is the biggest and most expansive budget in Michigan history, but House Democrats have also injected far-left ideology and policy into something that should be as simple as funding our state to keep things running. All semblance of balance has been abandoned. Not a single Republican amendment was adopted.” Friske said.

“Vaccine mandates, racially based grant programs, and policies that turn a blind eye if teachers coerce students into getting abortions are just a few of the left-wing dogmas that were carelessly thrown into the budget, and our constituents want answers as to why.” They want their budget to have dollars and cents, not thoughts and opinions,” he added.

If there is a list of 5 RINOs who should be removed from the state house, it ought to be Reps. Gina Johnsen, Bill Schuette, Sara Lightner, Mark Tisdel and Mike Mueller. They deserve disgraced and scorn for their votes. Feel free to reach out to them to express your extreme displeasure with their cowardice.

Please contact them on as many platforms to show them your outrage, particularly if you are in their district. And if you are in their district, hit doors to tell them how despicable their state representative is as well.

Mark Tisdel

District 55

Cities Represented: Rochester, Rochester Hills, part of Oakland Township

Phone: 517-373-1792

Email: MarkTisdel@house.mi.gov

State Representative Home page






Gina Johnsen

District 78

Cities represented: townships of Lowell and Bowne, and the cities of Lowell and Alto in Kent County; the townships of Ronald, Keene, Easton, Ionia, Boston, Berlin, Orange, Portland, Campbell, Odessa, Sebewa and Danby, and the cities of Ionia, Saranac, Portland, Clarksville and Lake Odessa in Ionia County; the townships of Carlton, Woodland, Hastings, Castleton, Baltimore and Maple Grove, and the cities of Woodland, Hastings and Nashville in Barry County; and the townships of Sunfield, Roxand and Kalamo, and the cities of Sunfield and Mulliken in Eaton County.

Phone: (517) 373-1796

Email: GinaJohnsen@house.mi.gov

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Mike Mueller

District 72

Cities included: Fenton, Fenton Township, Linden, and portions of Grand Blanc and Mundy townships in Genesee County. It also includes the village of Holly and the townships of Holly and Rose in Oakland County and Livingston County’s Tyrone Township.

Phone: (517) 373-0840

Email: MikeMueller@house.mi.gov

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Bill G. Schuette

District 95

Cities represented: all of Midland County, and Beaverton, Billings and Tobacco townships in Gladwin County.

Phone: (517) 373-0152

Email: BillSchuette@house.mi.gov

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Sarah Lightner

District 45

Cities represented: portions of Calhoun, Jackson and Kalamazoo counties.

Phone: (517) 373-1773

Email: SarahLightner@house.mi.gov

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These five traitors will live in infamy and become likely targets for conservative primary challenges in 2024. Their dishonorable actions make Republican unity impossible.