Three state representatives, including Michigan Freedom Caucus leaders Rep. Matt Maddock (R-Milford) and Rep. Angela Rigas (R-Caledonia), were not given seats on any committees following their ‘NO’ votes against Democrat leadership.

Reps. Maddock and Rigas, along with Rep. Mike Hoadley (R-Au Gres), were given no committee hearings after voting against the Democrat leadership team. New House Speaker, Rep. Joe Tate (D-Detroit), punished these three state reps for their disobedience, showing how the system enforces blind compliance with the status quo.

Only eight lawmakers voted against Tate for speaker, with the rest of the Republican caucus falling in line.

Hoadley, Maddock, and Rigas were joined by Reps. Josh Schriver (R-Oxford), Neil Friske (R-Charlevoix), Joseph Fox (R-Fremont), Jim DeSana (R-Ash Township), and Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) in voting against the Democrat speaker.

“In a bitter act of retribution mixed in with some cheap political theater, our new House Democrat speaker is attempting to disenfranchise close to 90,000 people across west Michigan,” Rigas said in a press release. “It won’t work. I won’t be silenced and won’t back down. I will continue to fiercely advocate for my constituents.”

“It’s truly ironic that I campaigned to protect people’s intrinsic civil liberties like freedom of speech, only to get quickly silenced after a couple of votes by Democrats who are now completely in charge with running our state. I won’t be intimidated or scared off. Political games like prohibiting me from serving on committees only strengthens my resolve,” she added.

Maddock addressed the situation in a Facebook post where he discussed how the Lansing machine will destroy anyone who stands up against the agenda dictated by the special interests and the lobbyists.

“I’ve been kicked out of the caucus in the past, given bad committees, removed as chair of committees, because I try to fight for the things I believe in, the things I campaigned on, and the things that will help everyone in Michigan. I have a lot of great colleagues, but its hard to stand strong in Lansing,” Maddock said.

“I don’t think many appreciate how powerful leadership is, how influential the lobby is, how many decisions are made by unelected staffers, and how the dishonest Lansing media operates to police dissenters more than it tries to inform readers. It’s going to be a long two years if this week is any indication. I promised to fight for you and I will,” he added.

These developments show how the Grand New Party is necessary in order to provide resources and support to elected officials who fight for conservative values. The Grand New Party will be rallying activists, issuing endorsements and giving money to candidates who have earned it, counteracting the Uniparty machine set up to reward bad behavior in Lansing and various other swamps throughout the state.

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