We are offering policy principles that will create a foundation for a better and freer Michigan. This is the blueprint for reform that our state needs to embark upon. Learn more.

Curbing Spending and Taxation

Over the past two administrations – Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer – spending has increased dramatically with the public expected to pay the bill. Many taxes have increased, including the gas tax, and that money has been used to fund Lansing’s spending binge not to fix the roads, improve infrastructure, fund public safety, or otherwise help society. This is criminal, and both parties are to blame. We call for cutting spending, and we will release our own budget proposals that prioritize the people ahead of entrenched powerful interests in Lansing. Accompanying spending cuts will be the reduction of taxes so Michiganders can retain more of their own hard-earned money, save and invest the fruits of their labor, and pursue their dreams.

Curtailing Illegal Immigration and Protecting National Security

The immigration crisis in America is affecting all of us. The porous southern border has resulted in illegal aliens and known terrorists flooding in from the third-world. Illegal immigrants are coming to all states – including Michigan – and contributing to rising crime rates, being exploited for cheap labor, and taking jobs away from hard-working Americans. This is wrong. All sanctuary cities across Michigan should be banned through state law. We also must be acutely aware of illegal drugs and human trafficking at each of our borders, including those we share with Canada, and must have robust coordination with federal authorities on preventing these national security threats. Additionally, we fully oppose the refugee resettlement program that uses taxpayer money to relocate economic migrants on our shores and is notoriously rife for corruption.

Nullifying Unlawful Federal Acts

While state cooperation with federal agents should be encouraged on issues like stopping illegal immigration or preventing legitimate terror threats, there are many issues where our state should not be working to assist the federal government. Unlawful executive orders, such as those that set mandates restricting economic growth and expansion, should be disregarded and unenforced in our state. Edicts from groups like the BATFE, which exist only to harm the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, should be ignored and disregarded. Furthermore, groups like the FBI, CIA, NSA, and others within the intelligence community have broken the public trust and should not be supported by our state when they are breaking the U.S. Constitution and using spying and investigative powers against American citizens.

Reducing the Power of Unelected Bureaucrats

As spending has increased massively, so has unaccountable bureaucratic power in our state government. There are thousands of government workers staffing hundreds of agencies wielding power over free individuals in countless ways that make limiting government difficult if not impossible by design. This is the opposite of what the Founding Fathers intended. We call for lawmakers to exercise their legislative authority to reign in these bureaucrats and make sure that the people’s body exerts their lawful authority and takes the responsibility for their decisions as the system was intended. This begins with removing occupational licensing that creates unnecessary barriers for workers to enter into industries and moves onto streamlining government regulatory agencies and putting lobbyists and their enablers on the unemployment line where they belong.

Increasing Transparency and Fostering Accountability

Right now, the governor’s office and the state legislature are exempt from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. This is a slap in the face to the people from a government that has lost touch with its mandate for public service. Extending FOIAs to every level of government, with an efficient and expedited process for adjudicating these requests and restrictions against over-redactions and cost requirements that make a mockery of the process, is an utmost priority to increase transparency and foster accountability. Adoption of fair rules within committees and legislative caucuses to ensure that more bills are heard and considered on the basis of merit rather than arbitrary favoritism of biased and jeopardized leadership figures is another major priority.

Affirming Election Integrity

What happened during the 2020 presidential election was a travesty, and the total institutional blackout on election fraud whistleblowers and investigations exposed the deep rot of corruption within our societal institutions. We demand major structural reforms to the voting process. This involves allowing cameras into ballot processing facilities so individuals can observe directly how ballots are transferred at the dead of night with no chain of custody and then processed with no standards or basic oversight. Ballots must also be watermarked using similar technology that is used to prevent check forging so that fraud can be more easily detected, and it is ensured that there is only one ballot per registered voter. Legislation must be passed to protect poll challengers who have been treated like criminals and demonized for merely exercising their constitutional freedoms. Voting rolls must be purged on a regular, uniform basis to make sure Michiganders who have died or moved cannot be used to stuff the ballot boxes. Full independent forensic audits must be allowed, and vote-tabulating computers must be non-connectable to the internet with their source code reviewed by a wide variety of experts from all political ideologies. These reforms are just scratching the surface but would be a good start toward restoring election integrity and faith in the system.

Ending Corporate Welfare

The Michigan legislature spends untold billions on corporate welfare, as a pay-to-play scheme to enrich the campaign donors who put elected officials into positions of power. We see how state lawmakers depart from Lansing and immediately become lobbyists for the corporate interests who they were supposed to be holding in check while in office. This is wrong. We call for an end to corporate welfare and a ban on lawmakers being permitted to lobby in any form for at least 5 years after departing from the legislature. We pledge to cut all corporate welfare before cutting any aid, benefits and entitlements for the people. No cuts to the social welfare state should be made until after the economy fully rebounds, and there are many well-paying jobs available so Michiganders receiving government benefits are able to provide for themselves and their families with independence and dignity. This is what true compassionate conservatism looks like.

Establishing Sound Monetary Policy

Economic instability is jeopardizing the American Dream, with inflation and debt accumulating destroying our prosperity with no end in sight. Technological innovations such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are emerging to liberate us from the corruption and mismanagement by the financial sector in Wall Street. In addition, gold and silver have retained value as time-tested hedges against government mismanagement of the economy. We staunchly advocate for the people’s right to hold precious metals and cryptocurrency without taxation, reporting requirements and other undue restrictions to protect privacy rights and economic freedom against a system desiring to use currency as a social control mechanism.

Securing Unalienable Rights

What happened during the COVID-19 pandemic was wrong and fundamentally un-American. Businesses were forced to shut down, based on mass hysteria not science. This hurt our loved ones and caused inequality to skyrocket. Policies such as these must never be allowed to happen again, regardless of whatever media-promulgated emergency is sprung on the masses. Rights are never be taken from the people and then freely given back. We will not budge another inch when it comes to tolerating the infringement upon our liberty. All of these intolerable acts must be resisted by any means necessary, extending beyond legislation and extending into civil disobedience and mass demonstrations.

Respecting and Empowering Law Enforcement

While there is a major need for systemic reform, with too many laws on the books that pit law enforcement against the people needlessly, the all-too-real War on Police has resulted in a spike in crime and has placed the vulnerable at risk. Attacks on cash bail, cutting law enforcement budgets, and letting violent criminals go without prosecution are some of the ways that this War on Police is being waged upon society by the Radical Left. The War on Police is an existential threat to the rule of law and civil society. We will fight to secure our communities and give law enforcement the tools and training that they need to eliminate criminality and protect our civilization.

Protecting the Dignity of Children and Parental Rights

We stand firmly against abortion, call for the banning of mangled fetal parts used in medical research or any commercial purposes, and demand the criminalization of drugging and mutilating children for the purposes of gender transitions. In the realm of education, we demand that grooming be rooted out in the classroom. No pornographic materials, whether real or simulated, should be put near children, with violators prosecuted, jailed and placed on the sex offender registry. Children should never be taught that they are guilty or inferior or feel any shame because of the color of their skin. No society will ever thrive unless it protects the sanctity and dignity of children, and Michigan must be a leader in this regard. We will help all local efforts by parents at the school board level to achieve these ends.

Ensuring Energy Independence

The war between Russia and Ukraine has exposed the insanity of so-called “Green Energy” policies that shut down domestic energy production and leave the U.S. and our Western allies in a weaker position with our authoritarian enemies in a position of dominance. We must embrace all energy solutions, including coal, oil, natural gas, solar, wind, nuclear and all new innovations, in order to provide cheaper and more abundant options for Michigan families. Embracing the socialistic tenets of The Great Reset as preached by globalist organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum puts Michigan last, and that is not what built our state into an economic powerhouse during the 20th Century. We can restore the greatness of our state’s past, but only with policies that encourage innovation rather than stifle it.