As a result of the violence in Gaza and recent heinous terror attacks from Hamas against the sovereign national of Israel, many Republicans are falling back into the Neocon trap and calling for more war and intervention in the Middle East.
This is the entirely incorrect approach. Instead, we should redouble our focus on putting America First, demonstrating peace through strength, and electing a leader who is both feared and respected on the world stage. That leader is Donald J. Trump.
When Trump was in power, relations in Gaza were relatively subdued. Hamas and Iran would never dare commit a large-scale terror attack because they know there would be major repercussions from Trump.
With Sleepy Joe Biden in charge, the terrorists know it is open season on U.S. and Israeli interests. Biden is freeing Islamic terror leaders from Gitmo and changing the homeland security focus from Islamic terror to his domestic political enemies.
Biden may pay lip service to helping Israel, but he is all bark and no bite. His administration is staffed with Hamas sympathizers and radical leftists who believe “decolonization” is the highest priority, even if it means innocents must die and extremists gain political power.
This is the hell that has been unleashed upon America, and we must not forget the traitors in our midst who are directly responsible: The Never Trump Republicans.
The Never Trump Republicans care more about elite perceptions, their own personal prestige, and protecting their crony business interests than saving their country.
Shockingly, these individuals still wield significant power within the Republican Party structure here in Michigan.
Former Governor Rick Snyder – whose record as Governor included implementing Obamacare, enacting Common Core, raising gas taxes, and giving Detroit a massive bailout – publicly endorsed Biden for President in 2020, campaigning around the state for him, and encouraging Republicans to cross over and vote for Biden.
Snyder is now in charge of the fundraising operation (HRCC) to re-elect House Republicans in 2024, along with his partner Bill Parfet, who led the organization “Republicans for Gretchen Whitmer” just last year!
The treachery from Never Trump Republicans does not just hurt us on the domestic level, it also leads to more war and global instability abroad. These RINOs have learned nothing from the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan and want to send more young Americans to die in the Middle East.
For the good of mankind, it is time to remove this cancer from the Republican Party. The Grand New Party PAC is the only organization that exists in Michigan to specifically combat the money power of the Never Trumpers within the Republican Party.
While RINOs like Snyder and Parfet are bankrolling weak moderates who whore themselves out to special interests, the GNP supports strong conservatives within the Republican Party who hold the line and have the courage to stand up against the corrupt Uni-party agenda.
The GNP was also among the first organizations in Michigan to formally endorse DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.
Trump’s second term will bring peace to the world and restore prosperity and honor back to our country. The GNP will not rest until every Never Trumper is permanently driven from the Republican Party. We have come so far but we must continue onward until this scourge is removed.
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