Michigan Republican leaders, in an effort spearheaded by Rep. Brad Paquette of Niles, issued a letter demanding accountability from Pfizer over recent video released of an executive from the company admitting the Big Pharma giant is doing “gain-of-function” research to strengthen COVID in order to make vaccines.

“Project Veritas released a video on January 25, 2023, claiming that a person identified as Jordan Walker is Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development. In this video, Walker is seen casually discussing how the COVID-19 virus could be manipulated through “directed evolution,” so that Pfizer could preemptively create an effective vaccine for a mutated virus,” the letter reads.

“Mr. Walker described exploratory research which would admittedly pose a substantial risk to public health and mentioned how the pandemic had benefitted Pfizer financially. He further explained that regulators will look the other way as many government officials may want to work for Pfizer and do not want to compromise a future job opportunity,” it continues.

The videos pertaining to the letter released by Project Veritas can be seen here:

“As you know, Pfizer is a leader in global public health and with American taxpayer dollars developed the COVID-19 vaccine. The company’s accountability and transparency with the public are crucial regarding the substance and intent of its research,” the letter reads.

“I urge you to inform the public regarding the the legitimacy of the claims in the video. Pfizer must hold itself accountable to restore trust in the integrity of the company and its employees,” it continues.

U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) noted that Pfizer seemingly confirmed the claims made in the video with a subsequent press release:

The letter was authored by Paquette and signed by Reps. Rachelle Smit of the 43rd District, Angela Rigas of the 79th District, Alicia St. Germaine of the 62nd District, Bob Bezotte of the 50th District, Jay DeBoyer of the 63rd District, Pat Outman of the 91st District, James DeSana of the 29th District, Gregory Markkanen of the 110th District, Joseph Fox of the 101st District, Matt Maddock of the 51st District, Ken Borton of the 105th District, Neil Friske of the 107th District, Jaime Greene of the 65th District, Brad Slagh of the 85th District, and Jamie Thompson of the 28th District. The letter can be accessed here.