A pro-grooming activist has threatened to shoot Drag Queen Story Hour protesters in Royal Oak.

Police have been notified after an individual posted a threat on TikTok where claimed that Michigan is a “stand your ground” state and that protesters could “fuck around and find out,” a not-so-veiled threat to gun down protesters who express their opposition to the Drag Queen Story Hour event tomorrow.

According to the individual’s TikTok account, they are a felon who has served time in prison and now works as a line cook at a nearby restaurant. He regularly posts articles encouraging leftists to become more militantly violent against their political opposition.

This is the type of person who makes up the underclass that is paving the way toward the mainstreaming of pedophilia in America.

The protest will be happening tomorrow, starting at 1:30pm in Royal Oak, to oppose the Drag Queen Story Hour grooming event.

Pro-grooming activists are expected to show a counter-demonstration where they indicate their support for children being sexualized by perverts and predators. Drag queen story hour events across the nation have been administered by pedophiles and no background checks are required for the performers.