A vote against controversial Michigan gun control legislation resulted in one State Representative’s car window getting smashed in last week.

The car, a minivan, was sitting in the driveway of the home of Rep. Josh Schriver (R-Oxford) where the vandalism took place. Schriver is a member of the Michigan Freedom Caucus, all of whom have been regularly voting against gun control and other measures pushed by Democrats.

Schriver’s fellow Freedom Caucus members, Rep. Neil Friske of Charlevoix and Rep. Matt Maddock of Milford, released public statements against the craven acts of vandalism.

Rep. Maddock posted a picture of the damage and called out the leftist “Mafia” members responsible for it in a Twitter post:

“If you wanna talk about people emulating the Nazis, let’s talk about Kristallnacht, you know the Night of Broken Glass,” said Friske. “My good friend Rep. Josh Schriver just had left-wing insurgents storm his property and break the windows of his car because of his opposition to gun control. Who are the real villains here?” Rep. Friske said in a statement.

The gun control bill, called Safe Storage, passed by a 61-47 vote. Democrat leaders, and their weak Republican enablers, are dead set at adding new infringements of the 2nd Amendment.

The so-called Safe Storage legislation reads as follows:

“If a gun is not stored according to the guidelines set forth, and the gun is used by a minor to commit suicide or taken and used to kill others, the gun owner could be charged with a felony punishable by up to 15 years prison and fined for $7,500. Also stated, if a minor uses the gun to maim another person, the gun owner will face a five-year felony charge.”

Another measure being considered are red flag laws, which give judges the right to “ temporarily” confiscate a gun from an individual that MAY pose a threat to their self or others. The bigger question is who will be the ultimate authority on whether or not an individual is in fact a threat. This opens the door for citizen snitch brigades like in Soviet Russia and makes the constitutional right of due process a thing of the past.

What happened to Rep. Schriver shows there are consequences coming from the Radical Left for standing strong. The Radical Left is quite literally at war to destroy the Constitution and deprive the people of their God-given liberty. This agenda must be stopped no matter the cost.