WEDNESDAY, April 18, 2023 — The city of Jackson, the birthplace of the Republican Party, is the first Michigan county whose elected Republican Party organization has signed onto the historic Compact created by the Grand New Party (GNP).

“We, the Jackson County Republican Party, agree to partner with the Grand New Party PAC around the mutually beneficial goal of building the foundation for a stronger Republican Party that abides by its Platform, the U.S. Constitution, and takes a bold, forward-thinking approach toward creating a freer, more prosperous state moving forward,” the Compact reads.

The Jackson County Republicans have signed onto the non-binding GNP Compact in order to create a stronger Republican Party, capitalizing on the grassroots momentum that has brought thousands of patriotic activists into the party.

“It is fitting that the birthplace of the Republican Party would be at the helm of this rebirth of the Republican Party,“ said Rep. Steve Carra of Third Rivers, who is the Chairman of the GNP. “We will work together toward the renewal of the Republican Party to defend timeless constitutional principles.”

“The Jackson County Republican Committee in Jackson, Michigan, birthplace of the Republican Party, is proud to partner with and support the Grand New Party of Michigan,” said Russ Jennings, Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party. “This partnership further exhibits our constitutional and conservative ideals and goals of supporting candidates who boldly and unapologetically defend the Republican Party platform.”

The GNP’s Compact is designed to help nascent Republican organizations build the foundation for an America First movement in Michigan that lasts for generations to come.

“It is too common that when patriots take over the levers of power within the Republican Party, the so-called establishment pulls their money and resources,” said Shane Trejo, GNP executive director. “We are stepping in and offering resources and support to these patriots so they can solidify control as they gain institutional experience.”

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