On Thursday Oct. 12, 2023, the Jackson County Republican Committee (JCRC) became the first Republican entity in the state of Michigan to become a ‘Founding Father’ of the Grand New Party PAC (GNP).

The JCRC executive committee voted to become a Founding Father of the GNP, months after joining the organization’s Compact program.

“Since becoming a member of their Compact, the GNP has provided excellent guidance, material support and boots on the ground for the Jackson County Republican Party free of charge,” said Russ Jennings, Chairman of the JCRC.

“This is why we were happy to give back to the GNP by becoming Founding Fathers and contribute monetarily to their vision to improve the Republican Party and save our state from extreme leftism,” Jennings added.

The Founding Fathers of the GNP have pledged at least $1,000 toward the PAC within its first year of existence. Dozens of patriotic activists have donated to the GNP and become Founding Fathers since its inception in late 2022. The JCRC is the first Party entity to become a Founding Father.

“We are very honored that the GNP has earned the support of patriots in Jackson County,” said Rep. Steve Carra, GNP Chairman. “It is fitting that the birthplace of the Republican Party is now ground zero for the party’s renewal as well. The Grand New Party is the vessel we are using to revive the Republican Party from within as guided by constitutional principles free of cronyism and corruption.”

“This is vindication of the GNP’s mission. We are providing immense value to grassroots patriots who have risen to power within various levels of the Michigan Republican Party. We are giving them the support they deserve. We are making sure that the America First vanguard becomes the permanent ruling class of the Michigan Republican Party,” said Shane Trejo, GNP Executive Director.

For more information on becoming a Founding Father of the GNP, visit https://gnppac.com/become-a-founding-father. For information on your GOP chapter to join the GNP’s free, non-binding Compact program, visit https://gnppac.com/compact. For more information on the JCRC, visit https://www.jacksongop.org.