On Feb. 6, Adam de Angeli of Rescue Michigan suggested that the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) scrap the presidential primary system in response to a new law signed by Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer to move up the primary date.

Democrats moved up the primary date with strident opposition from all Republicans. Because of this move, Michigan faces a sanction from the Republican National Committee (RNC) in which they could lose up to 85 percent of their presidential delegates in the 2024 election. This will disenfranchise the state, making the Republican primary election all but irrelevant in real terms, and no doubt Democrats pushed this measure in part to further demoralize Republicans.

However, there is another way forward that would thwart the Democrats’ schemes and close off the apportionment of the presidential delegates from Democrat and infiltrator control. De Angeli explained in an email that “the decision to have a presidential primary is entirely the decision of the Michigan Republican Party.” In other words, there is nothing in the state code requiring the MRP to allocate its 2024 presidential delegates to the RNC through a primary system.

De Angeli is proposing that the MRP scraps the primary process altogether. This is a great idea, but what will replace the primary? In a handful of other states, including Iowa, they use the caucus system to determine the apportionment of presidential delegates. A benefit of the caucus system is that the most strident, knowledgeable, passionate, and well-organized activists would determine the process. It would be very difficult to get a lackluster, establishment-backed candidate to win the presidential delegates through this process.

Therefore, the Grand New Party has crafted a rules template that, after potential approval by the MRP state committee, would scrap the primary process and replace it with a caucus determined by duly-elected precinct delegates starting in the 2024 presidential cycle and beyond. It would keep the date of the election the same, bypassing Whitmer’s scheme, and ensure the RNC’s recognition of our full presidential delegation.

By giving this responsibility to the duly-elected Republican precinct delegates throughout our state, this will incentivize participation in the precinct delegate process moving forward. There are thousands of openings in precinct delegate positions throughout the state. If people get involved wanting to participate in the process to apportion presidential delegates, they are more likely to get involved as activists and help further the overall cause of Republican victory. For this cycle, this process would give this responsibility to the faithful precinct delegates who heeded the call and got involved to save their country. This honor would be well-deserved!

Here are the proposed Caucus rules that have been drafted by the Grand New Party:

(link to rules available here)

Please keep in mind that these rules are just a sample framework for how a caucus could be structured. The process will ultimately be determined by the newly-elected state committee after this Saturday’s convention, hopefully with a great deal of input from patriots throughout the state in crafting the best possible proposal.

We at the Grand New Party are happy to start this debate and get the process rolling toward eliminating open primaries and replacing them with a closed caucus for choosing Presidential delegates moving forward!