A top gun rights organization has nominated House Minority Leader Matt Hall as their ‘Traitor of the Year’ for betraying the 2nd Amendment with his voting record.

The group, the National Organization for Gun Rights (NAGR), touts themselves as the no compromise gun lobby and works to punish lawmakers who betray their oath to the Constitution and impugn the 2nd Amendment. Hall is at the top of their lists to receive the disreputable title of “Traitor of the Year.”

“Every year, self-proclaimed pro-gun Republicans throw their gun owning constituents under the bus by voting for gun control and gutting pro-gun legislation,” said NAGR President Dudley Brown.

NAGR noted that “as the House Minority leader, Hall joined with Democrats in voting for mandatory storage (AKA “home intruder head start gun control”).”

“Forcing gun owners to lock up all their firearms under threat of jail time is blatant government overreach, with potentially deadly consequences,” Brown stated in opposition to the type of gun control supported by Hall, adding that the gun storage mandates “set a precedent for disgruntled neighbors, friends, and family members to rat out otherwise safe, law-abiding gun owners who want firearms at the ready for the defense of themselves and others.”

Recently, the Grand New Party PAC hosted a Zoom call featuring House Freedom Caucus member Jim DeSana where he exposed Hall for his double-dealing antics as House Minority Leader. DeSana has penned a letter signed by four of his colleagues chiding Hall for his cowardly betrayal of the 2nd Amendment.

That video can be seen here: