With the genesis of the Internet, few could understand what it would unleash on mankind. Many dismissed it as a fad that would come and go. But the savviest among us used their ingenuity to create value, with businesses and innovations that have changed the world immeasurably.

Physical products have become digitized as a result, increasing productivity, convenience, and the standard of living for all. Netflix digitized entertainment, ending the more costly video renting process.

Apple digitized photos and chatting, ending the need for land lines or disposable cameras. Amazon digitized the shopping experience, reducing the need for brick-and-mortar storefronts. Google digitized information, putting an endless library of data at your fingertips.

It was only a matter of time before the internet would do the same to money that it would to every other commodity in the marketplace.

Enter Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, one of the most misunderstood and demonized assets in modern history.

Bitcoin/Crypto has garnered the ire of government officials, Wall Street tycoons, hysterical media outlets, and other doubters of this unprecedented technological advancement.

While the potential for disruption of the economic and monetary status quo may alarm some, it is clear that the current financial system is serving the few, not the many.

Today, families in Michigan and throughout the country are subject to massive inflation, bank volatility, extreme amounts of unpayable debt, unsustainable government spending, and incursions like CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) and ESGs (environmental, social and governance social credit scores) that are making the Orwellian Nightmare an inescapable reality.

We have a major problem. Humanity is at a crossroads. We can either follow the elites and submit to their vision of an authoritarian Big Brother government, where our personal freedoms are taken away, where we own nothing and love it, and we are put under the microscope with personal privacy becoming a thing of the past.

Or there is another path forward. A path in which we keep our core fundamental rights and have them strengthened and enhanced through technological advancement. A path for humanity in which decentralization is embraced, centralized authority wanes, and privacy is treated as a sacred birthright. A path in which the individual is trusted to create a better world without a bureaucracy of ordained experts dictating mankind’s path.

This is the path that can be realized through the embrace of Bitcoin/Crypto, and the Grand New Party PAC is working to ensure that Michigan is on the forefront of this revolutionary shift.

The Benefits of Bitcoin/Crypto

1. Censorship Resistant – In the very near future, centralized government will be able to easily restrict where you can send your money to if you are guilty of thought crimes against government authority. No one can stop your freedom to move your Bitcoin/Crypto.

2. Immutable – Centralized government can nullify your purchasing power, turning your bank account to zero, for any purpose they wish under the upcoming CBDC regime. With Bitcoin/Crypto, your money is protected from government intervention.

3. Portable – Centralized government can ban you from sending too much of your money to a certain country or nation, depending on the whims of the political elite at a particular moment. Bitcoin/Crypto removes these artificial barriers and borders that restrict free trade and limit prosperity.

4. Scarce – There is no limit to the amount of money that will exist when it is controlled by a centralized government, such as the U.S. Dollar. The government can print as much as they want. Bitcoin/Crypto are programmed to have a maximum supply that can be created, with market competition providing an additional safeguard.

6. Divisible – Bitcoin/Crypto is programmed with multiple decimal places, allowing users to fraction money to any size bill. It replicates money in every way without giving a centralized government the ability to inflate or control.

7. Verifiable – Merchants and vendors must be skeptical when dealing with high denominations of U.S. dollars or other currencies controlled by a centralized government. Those concerns go away with Bitcoin/Crypto because the code verifies the authenticity of any transaction.

The Necessity of Bitcoin/Crypto

Bitcoin/Crypto may be the only thing standing in the way of a dystopian future that is rapidly on the horizon.

CBDC stands for central bank digital currency. As the dollar weakens and nations throughout the world remove themselves from the dollar standard, there will be the need for a replacement, and the CBDC is the preferred currency instrument of the financial status quo.

The Federal Reserve has announced the launch of FedNow in July, which will serve as the infrastructure for the CBDC system. They are moving rapidly toward their goal of a cashless society. This has extreme risks for chilling free speech, eroding privacy and eviscerating civil liberties.

In addition, environmental, social and governance (social credit) scores are grade corporations based on their fidelity to politically correct woke standards, similar to what is done to coerce behavior and compel conformity in totalitarian China. Once these social credit scores are extended to the people and combined with the CBDC, the Bill of Rights and Constitution are a thing of the past.

Under a CBDC system:

If government sees you going to a church that is deemed guilty by the government of trafficking in “hate speech,” your account can be frozen or reduced to zero.

If government sees you posting content online that is deemed “misinformation”, your account can be frozen or reduced to zero.

If you go to a political protest deemed problematic by authority figures, your account can be frozen or reduced to zero.

If you purchase “too strong” of a firearm that is not approved by the State, your account can be frozen or reduced to zero.

If you purchased too much beef and exceed your daily CO2 quota, your account can be frozen or reduced to zero.

Michigan’s Opportunity

Michigan can attract Bitcoin/Crypto industry to our state. We can be on the cutting edge of burgeoning technology, looking at what is being approved in other states and building upon those reforms.

Multiple US states have already passed multiple pro-Bitcoin/Crypto laws. The Grand New Party PAC has a research team that is curating these laws, looking up bills that have been proposed, and devising new measures to make Michigan the mecca for Bitcoin/Crypto in our state.

GNP will work to educate lawmakers, elected officials and other stakeholders on why embracing Bitcoin/Crypto is the right path for Michigan, in order to transform the state of Michigan similar to the way the automotive industry once did generations ago.

Embracing Bitcoin/Crypto is the way to bring young innovators into our state, rather than lose them to other states. It is a path to improving Michigan’s cities, which have been ravaged due to the loss of manufacturing and the outsourcing of jobs by corporations. It is a chance for Michigan to be on the cusp of a revolution to further the betterment of mankind.

Join the Grand New Party PAC’s goal to make Michigan the Bitcoin/Crypto capital of the U.S!